600 scholarships to the delegates of Dhaka ICAAP.

Unprecedented in the history if International congress on AIDS in Asia Pacific (ICAAP) the LOC of 12th ICAAP in Dhaka is expected to offer about 600 scholarships to the delegates of the congress. According to the ICAAP organizing secretariat this has materialised due to a generous grant from the Government of Bangladesh, the official host of 12th ICAAP. All the successful scholarship holders are being contacted individually to arrange for their travel to Dhaka.

UNAIDS is called upon to match the commitment of the Government of Bangladesh, and to keep their own commitment to ICAAP so that greater participation of the key affected population could be ensured. For additional scholarships, applicants may directory contact the UNAIDS regional team as UNAIDS has committed significant support of ICAAP12.

This is the first time in the history regional HIV response an LDC is providing significant resources for hosting an HIV conference.
Through its early interventions among vulnerable populations, the prevalence of HIV is low in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Government is committed to keep it low and to ensure to End AIDS by 2030 as part of their commitment towards Sustainable Development Goals. Bangladesh Governments regional/global leadership in ending AIDS by 2030 is widely acknowledged and appreciated.

ICAAP is a platform for coordination, collaboration, strategic discussions and action amongst all the stakeholders of HIV response in Asia Pacific region, including HIV civil society, community networks, governments, health care providers, bilateral and multilateral agencies, researchers and academic community.

To ensure the needs and realities of people living with HIV, communities vulnerable to and key affected populations, the LOC of ICAAP12 has initiated dialogue and in solidarity with the networks representing Asia and Pacific communities living with and affected by HIV. This was to ensure representation of civil society and community organisations and networks in the Congress’ decision-making bodies and committees.

The special Community Forum of ICAAP12 allows for community-driven sharing of expertise and experiences as much as it does for the scientific, medical and academic communities. The 12th ICAAP dedicated tracks and spaces for community and civil society, and there are ample scope for legitimate space in mainstream programmes, spaces and key sessions, including in plenaries.

The LOC also hope, ICAAP12 is an opportunity for the regional networks to strengthen the capacity of the local Bangladeshi networks by working with them and legitimately engaging them in the regional networks through adequate representation in regional networks

The Dhaka ICAAP will ensure a rights-based, gender-transformative, and community centred approach to all aspects of the Congress’s planning, preparations and conduct.

As per the rescheduled program, ICAAP12 is to be hosted by the Government of Bangladesh in Dhaka, 12-14th March 2016, at the sprawling International Convention City, Basundhara (ICCB).

For media contact:
Media Team of ICAAP12
media@icaap2015.org or masuma@ppdsec.org

Web page: www.icaap2015.org
FB: www.facebook.com/icaap12/

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