Scholarship application is now closed, below content is for information only.  Thank you for your great interest in ICAAP12, almost 800 applications were received. Please follo​w us o​n social media and check website for updates.




ICAAP12 supports delegates who are working in the field of HIV/AIDS and wish to participate in the Congress, to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 20th –  23rd November 2015, through the Scholarship Program. Scholarships for ICAAP12 are categorized into Community Scholarships, Scientific Scholarships, Youth Scholarships, and Media Scholarships. The scholarships will be provided to community members, oral and poster presenters, participants in symposiums, satellite meetings, and skills building workshops, and media personnel. Scholarships will be awarded on a full or partial basis according to applicants’ needs.

Please read the following guidelines and criteria below before filling out your scholarship application form.

The principal purpose of the ICAAP12 Scholarship program is to support the attendance of delegates who demonstrate commendable ability to acquire knowledge and skills through Congress participation that can be transferred to his/her own organizations and communities but do not have the necessary financial support or opportunity to attend the Congress. The scholarship program is open to individuals working or volunteering in the HIV/AIDS field in the Asia and the Pacific regions only. Scholarship applications will need to be made online via the ICAAP12 Congress website.

The online scholarship application form is available with English instructions only.

Applicants will need to select the type of scholarship they wish to be considered for from the following:

  • Abstract Presenter
  • Community Session Speaker (includes non-abstract driven)
  • Community Participants (from key affected populations, a PLHIV network, NGO,
  • grassroots community-based organization, faith based organization or charitable foundation)
  • Scientific Session Speaker
  • Youth Session Speaker
  • Youth participants (16-25 years of age)
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Program Activities (scientific sessions, community activities and youth activities)
  • Media Personnel

Full Scholarships would include providing the registration cost for ICAAP12 (includes access to all sessions and Exhibitions) plus Travel (pre-paid airfare or ground travel at the lowest fare available, from the nearest international airport or station) plus accommodation (shared for the days of the conference) plus a modest living allowance for the duration of the conference (20 – 23 November, USD 30 per day).

Partial Scholarships would include any of the combination stated above. Please note that in addition to the Scholarship criteria set by the ICAAP12 Local Organizing Committee, ICAAP12 scholarship selection will need to be further matched with the scholarship fund allocation criteria of its donors/sponsors

Applicants will be informed by mid September if their application has been successful.

For additional information, please send an e-mail to​.

Your application must be fully completed and submitted with all required documents. One application is possible per one email address. Incomplete applications will not be considered. All scholarship applications must be received by 20 July, 2015 through the website (faxed or e-mailed applications will not be accepted).



Abstract Presenter: The ICAAP12 scholarship committee will decide, at the Marathon Meeting held several months before the Congress dates, on who receives a scholarship based on the selection of their abstract (per track and per type of abstract presentation).

Contribution as Presenters: This includes session speakers for the Community, Scientific, and Youth programs. Scholarship recipients who are contributing to the conference program through presentation will be chosen by the relevant committees in coordination with the ICAAP12 scholarship committee depending on the applicant’s contribution.
Contribution as Participants: In order to facilitate participation from the community and youth groups the ICAAP12 scholarship committee will also consider scholarship applications that are non-abstract or session driven, meaning that such participants are not classified as an “abstract presenter” and will not contribute as “session presenters”. Applications for this category will be considered on a case by case basis and priority will be given to key affected populations, PLHIV networks, NGO, grassroots community-based organizations, faith based organizations, charitable foundations, and youth participants (16-25 years of age).

Workshop Facilitator: The ICAAP12 scholarship committee will decide who receives a scholarship based on the selection of their Skills Building Workshop submission. Only accepted public submission Workshops will be eligible.

Program Activities: The ICAAP12 scholarship committee will decide on the scientific sessions, community and youth activities that will receive special sponsorships based on the selection of their submission.

Media Personnel: The ICAAP12 scholarship committee in coordination with the congress’ Media committee will decide on media personnel who will receive media scholarships based on the following:

  1. Media applicants must provide proof that they report on HIV/AIDS related stories (by submitting three copies of printed by-lined articles or 3 broadcast synopses).
  2. Submit an accompanying letter from their editor stating he/she supports the application and agrees to the journalist’s travel and inclusion in any official ICAAP12 training programs.

Please note that media scholarships will be awarded based on the medium, reach, and experience prioritized by the ICAAP12 Media committee. The criteria for medium includes radio journalists, regional/national newspapers, internet-based, television, regional/national magazines. Reach criteria includes mediums that offer high distribution versus mediums that offer low to moderate distribution. Experience criteria include assessment by the ICAAP12 Media Committee based on the supporting documents provided.


The Scholarship Application Form can only be submitted by using the online submission form. One application is possible per one email address.​


Your application must be fully completed and submitted with all required documents. ​ Incomplete applications will not be considered. All scholarship applications must be received by 20 July, 2015 through the website.

Your application will be reviewed by ICAAP12 Executive Committee. We will send you an email to inform you about your status of application by mid September.