Community Programme

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Community Leadership Programme

Since the third ICAAP in Chiang Mai, a component of the Congress has been to make space for communities affected by HIV/AIDS, which includes at risk key populations. Rights, stigma, discrimination and dignity of all are the focus of these community led and driven activities. Since Chiang Mai, community involvement in ICAAP has continuously increased.

The Community Programme provides a voice for Key Populations, and to raise issues identified by KP in pre-conference sessions.

Organizers of ICAAP12 are firmly committed to centre community into all activities, encouraging participation in the main events, and also making a separate space with pre-ICAAP12 events.  The ICAAP12 organizing structure has community as a major pillar within which there are a number of sub-committees. For ICAAP12, the Community Track will hold a 2-day community forum, and organize a number of activities through the sub-committees including coordinating the PLHIV Lounge and the Asia Pacific (AP) Village. It will be a space where community groups can gather to network, discuss, and identify key and emerging issues. It will strengthen networking in the region contributing to discussions, debates and dialogue during and after ICAAP.

Additionally, the Community Track will negotiate with the Secretariat to waive fees of 8 satellite session slots (one per each KP group) to enable community groups to organize satellite sessions at ICAAP12.  For this reason, you are urged to find partners, approach speakers, select a topic, and present your plans as soon as possible to the Secretariat (, and Aneeqa Ahmad ( with a copy to Community Track Co-Chair Habiba Akter (  Please mention the anticipated number of attendees, and any special requirement you may have. Having concrete session concepts to present will help us negotiate more effectively.

The objectives of the Community Track are:

  • Strengthening networking and partnerships
  • Sharing ideas and knowledge
  • Amplifying community voices
  • Influencing policy change and programming
  • Influencing dialogue on policy softening and misuse of policy
  • Opportunities for learning and skills building
  • Increasing participation, both regionally and nationally.

The thematic areas o​​n which the Communities have decided to focus on are:

  • New Generation Prevention Outreach approaches such as PreP&Comb.Prev.
  • Treatment Retention / Case Management
  • Human Rights; enabling environment for accessing services and addressing stigma
  • Financing of the community work & service delivery on AIDS.​


All proposals / Expressions of Interest (EoIs) / Concept Notes for activities aligned with the plans outlined above should be sent to relevant partners along with a copy to Community Co-Chair Habiba Akter ( and the ICAAP12 Secretariat (Aneeqa for compilation purposes. ​​​​